Working from home has its guilty pleasures.  I wake up with a sense of calm and gentleness, knowing I don't have to rush to the gym for a 6 am class, and then back home to shower and assemble myself for the day.  It takes a strong cup of double latte to get my brain in...

Soon after Barack Obama was elected President, I visited my nail salon in Georgetown and noticed a photo behind my manucurist's station with her standing proudy, with First Lady Michelle Obama.  I was not yet then completely obsessed with Michelle, as I am now, but I d...

I’m a planner by nature. I plan vacations, and shopping lists, and professional meetings. And I had a plan for my empty nest, which always began with the phrase, “In five to seven years”. But life happened to me much faster than anticipated. Suddenly, I find myself set...

Fly Away

She rises slowly
Legs stretching 
Fingers pulling her up 
Pushing through twigs
Climbing the branches
Innocent eyes peering into the space 
Preparing to jump 

She leaps unbound
Toward stars and storms
Powered by curiosity 
Infused with temptation 
Seasoned w...


I had my children late. One was born when I was 38, the other when I was 42. Before having the kids I had a big life. I was a glamor girl in New York. A literary glamor girl. Well, I’m a novelist, and teacher. I published books, I met my heroes, and from...

Hi Everyone.  

I've spent the summer redesigning The Empty Nester blog and website and am excited to share it with you again.  I've added some new features, resources and a section just waiting for guest contributors.  As I continue to iterate, I hope you'll follow and...

These days I find myself being drawn to vintage everything.  As a citizen in a country that no longer feels familiar to me (politically), I'm drawn to familiar things and people in a way I haven't felt in a very long time.   I wrote this blog about a month ago.  On the...

This is the first year in many that none of my children are home on Mother's Day.  We had an early celebration with Eliza on Friday night before she left for the beach with her college friends. Then, today, we each called to wish me a happy day and to let me know they...

Happy Friday.  Once a month on Friday's I'll share my collection of  senses discovered during the week. Here's this week's Friday [5]'s.



Indeed.  This week I helped my daughter pack up her dorm room and celebrated the end of her first year at UV...

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